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Project Team

The University of Essex, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, focuses on changing people’s lives and underpins tomorrow’s must-have technologies. Research and development stay one step ahead of the industry, so our curriculum is constantly evolving. Our work combines creativity and imagination with technical excellence – we’re not your typical geeks!

 New Resource Partners leads the Liverpool Multi-vector Energy Exchange Project. We also provide strategy advice and techno-economic due diligence on renewable, flexible and smart energy technologies, working work with government, investors and energy users to solve challenges at the system-wide level right down to individual projects. In an energy world that is changing ever faster we help our clients to keep pace and to succeed in finding new opportunities.

Smart Power Networks (SMPnet) is a technology company offering a suite of hardware and software solutions for real-time control of data-enabled, smart energy systems. Our solutions incorporate advanced optimisation techniques and data-driven approaches to provide multi-level benefits for direct end-users and wider stakeholders: i) financial, ii) societal, and iii) environmental.

SP Energy Networks is the Distribution Network Operator for Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire and North & Mid Wales. We keep electricity flowing to homes and businesses through the network of Overhead Lines and Underground Cables which we own and maintain. No matter who you pay your bill to, we’re the people to contact if you have a power cut, need a new or upgraded power connection or spot an issue with our equipment.

As the UK moves towards net zero, we’re preparing for the decarbonisation of the transport and heat network – we are working to future proof our electricity distribution network to cope with the increase of electric vehicle charging points and heat pumps that may be connected to our network, as well as an increase in the amount of renewable generation and flexibility services. We are actively looking for new innovative ways of working to help accommodate all this low carbon technology and are very proud to be part of the Liverpool Multi-vector Energy Exchange project.

Decentralised Energy Solutions (DES) provides research and consultancy services in the field of low-carbon and decentralised electricity markets, with a particular focus on innovative market design, modelling, and optimisation solutions to assist distributed flexible energy resources to maximise their economic potential.

Regent Capital Plc creates bespoke UK-based investment opportunities in commercial property, smart and alternative energy, tailored to a range of investors, including; entrepreneurial, high net-worth clients, private family office and institutional investors. Since 2004, Regent has enabled the funding of over £500 million of commercial property. Our property developments have been undertaken with a variety of partners, including public sector joint venture partners.